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As the original patent holder of the first automatic coupler used in passenger rail service, McConway & Torley’s contributions to the rail transit industry revolutionized public transportation in the United States.  Almost as long as the passenger rail industry itself, McConway & Torley has been pioneering innovations that improve safety and comfort of passengers while reducing maintenance downtime and improving service conditions for operators. Since winning gold medal at the 1883 National Exposition of Railway Appliances in Chicago with the “Janney” Passenger Coupler, many innovations in both product and process have paved way for the current standard H-Type Tight lock coupler.   

H-Type Tight-Lock Couplers

The H-type Tight-lock coupler constitutes the standard coupler for passenger equipment in North America.  Type H couplers provide more positive engagement when coupling at slow speeds and have a greater gathering range than standard freight couplers to facilitate coupling.  All of the important engaging surfaces are machine finished to closely controlled dimensional tolerances.  A secure positive locking design eliminates free slack between mating couplers. 

Features & Benefits:
  • Made in the United States
  • Full product line of replacement parts and components including yoke
  • Couplers and Knuckles available in AAR M201 Grade “E” and Grade “C” material
  • Custom shank lengths and configurations available.
  • Re-conditioning and Re-manufacturing available including upgraded heat treat.

McConway & Torley, LLC is AAR M-1003, AAR M211 and AAR M201 certified and compliant with APTA RP-M-003-98, “Recommended Practice for the Purchase and Acceptance of Type H-Tight-lock Couplers”. 


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