H-Type Tight-Lock Couplers

TYPE H “Tight-Lock” Couplers for Passenger Equipment

The H-Type “Tight-Lock” coupler constitutes the Standard Coupler for Passenger Equipment in North America.  All important engaging surfaces are machine finished to closely control dimensional tolerances.  This results in secure positive locking, which eliminates any play, or slack, between mating surfaces. 

The coupler body and components are supplied in either AAR M201 Grade E, or Grade C steel.  The coupler lock is only supplied in grade E. 

Casting, machining and assembly processes are all completed in Pittsburgh, PA at our AAR approved foundry.  The in-house capabilities and expertise allows McConway to have the largest buy-America compliant coupler capacity in the world.

The Purchase and Acceptance of the H Couplers is governed by the APTA-RP-M-003-98 Specification, which references the following AAR and FRA requirements:

  • AAR M201 General for Steel Castings
  • AAR M211 Purchase and Acceptance of AAR Approved Couplers and Coupler Yokes for Freight Service.
  • AAR M-1003 Specification for Quality Assurance
  • AAR M205 Yoke, Coupler – Test Requirements
  • FRA CFR Title 49 Part 238 Passenger Equipment Safety Standards
Type H "Tight-Lock" Coupler Parts List

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