Rotary Couplers

McConway & Torley announces the availability of the AAR approved FR209E High Performance Rotary coupler system. The system is interchangeable with the current FR207E systems and offers an economical alternative for both new car and maintenance applications.

Slackless Couplers

McConway & Torley slack reduced coupler bodies, knuckles and lock components offer complete interchangeability with older design revisions improved fleet performance by extending coupler and draft system life slack reduction which decreases train lengths and lowers impact forces. The decision to upgrade is as easy as ordering your couplers, knuckles and locks from McConway & Torley.


We can supply your requirements of couplers, yokes, knuckles, locks, throwers, locklifters, followers, strikers, locomotive couplers, draft lugs, C-lO pins, E couplers, SE couplers, SBE couplers, slackless couplers and drawbars.