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Current Certifications
AAR M-201 & M-211

McConway & Torley, LLC is committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction by providing:

1) Quality product that consistently meets or exceeds the customer's requirements.
2) On-time delivery.
3) Competitively priced product.

We will achieve these goals by:

Continuously improving our manufacturing processes and quality systems through compliance with ISO 9000 and AAR M-1003 Quality Standards, Maintaining a safe, reliable, efficient operation, and senior management's commitment and support of continuous quality improvement efforts.

Quality Assurance for Quality Casting

In the manufacture of steel castings, measuring devices, or gages, are used to assure conformity of the product. Casting gages are designed to be applied to the component in a prescribed manner and to verify that certain dimensions of the piece fall within an allowable variation or tolerance range. For railroad castings in particular, gages have a primary role in guaranteeing the uniformity of all manufacturers' products.Railroad cars that operate in interchange traffic, switching from one train to another, are required to be equipped with couplers and other draft system components, which will reliably mate with other assembly components. Couplers and coupler parts purchased from one manufacturer must fit and operate properly when assembled or coupled with another manufacturer's coupler and parts. For this reason, all couplers and yokes in interchange service today are produced from standard specifications. The gages used to ensure that the castings con- form to these specifications are also standard, originally designed by the Mechanical Committee of the standard Coupler Manufacturers (MCSCM).