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No other company in the world has more experience manufacturing freight car couplers than McConway & Torley. Since the invention of the first automatic freight coupler in 1878, McConway & Torley, LLC has supplied the majority of North America’s coupler and knuckle demands. Throughout the 150 years of continuous operation in steel town, Pittsburgh, PA, M&T has earned a reputation for quality and dependability through product design innovations and manufacturing process improvements.

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Recent foundry modernizations have allowed us to meet the needs of our customers with a steady, dependable and economic supply of high quality coupler products and increases in capacity have led us to become the largest AAR coupler producer in the world. 

McConway & Torely is the only AAR certified foundry to offer the complete list of standard and non-standard catalog ID numbers. 

Couplers  - Slack Reduced, AAR M201 Grade E or Grade C (for transit applications).
  • Standard E-type,
  • E/F Type,
  • F-type
  • Locomotive
  • Passenger Transit
  • Rotary
Knuckles – High Fatigue Life. AAR M216 Approved, over 1,000,000 cycles achieved! 
  • E- Type E50BE
  • F-Type F51AE
  • H-Type H50BE
  • Solid Knuckles for Locomotive (E101,F101)
Yokes – High Fatigue life, dependable quenched and tempered Grade E steel.
  • E-Type – SY40AE
  • F-Type – Y45AE
  • Rotary – RY60267/52172-1
  • Passenger – Quad Shear A52622C
  • Locomotive – NC390/391
Coupler Parts - McConway & Torely offers a full line of end of car replacement parts & components including:
  • Coupler Locks
  • Lock-Lifters
  • Knuckle Throwers
  • Bushings
  • Manganese wear plates
  • Drawbars
  • Followers (E-type, F-type, Rotary)
  • Strikers
  • Knuckle Pins/Yoke Pins

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