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McConway & Torley has recently invested in the first state-of-the-art steel foundry automated molding machine manufactured by Kunkel- Wagner of Germany to be installed in North America. This new machine allows M&T to increase daily pouring capacity, as well as the size of individual parts. Automated functions allow us to improve efficiencies while increasing casting consistency.

  • Continuous, Automated, High-Speed Production increases Capacity
  • Hydraulic compression in combination with air press provides better casting consistency and surface quality.
  • 20 times the compaction ability of manual systems. Harder molds make less-variable castings and allow for better dimensional control and reduced draft.
  • Improved mold mating diminishes parting lines on castings
  • Superior surface finish yields clearer imprints and lettering
  • Larger flask size allows manufacture of new products.
  • Increased automation reduces manpower, increasing productivity and reducing operating costs


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McConway & Torley has recently added 2 new high production automated core making machines manufactured by Loramendi. The machines allow us to increase daily core making capacity virtually eliminating the need to source outside cores. The cores produced off of the Loramendi core machines are extremely hard and smooth, which translates to a better interior surface finish of a casting and a reduced risk of scrapping castings due to core breakage. In addition, the machine reduces manpower by a factor of 3, allowing us to be more cost efficient.

  • Continuous automated core making and robotic core handling increases capacity.
  • Automated robotic core wash dipping application results in highly-consistent casting finish and reduced waste.
  • Multiple core-box configurations, both vertical and hori allow for design of complex geometry cores.
  • Wide range of core configurations allows design of high quality complex castings.

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